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  • Alex Garella

    Alex Garella


    I'm a Software Engineer with multiple years of experience at various startups. When looking for Kotlin jobs, I realized there wasn't a single great place to find them, so I decided to build one myself!

  • Julien Truffaut

    Julien Truffaut


    I am a backend engineer with more than 10 years of experience from start-ups to tech giants like Amazon.

    I love teaching the practical side of functional programming in Scala. I created my own online course at FP-Tower which is used by many companies to train junior and mid-level Scala developers.

    I am also the author of the popular open-source library Monocle, an optics library that helps functional Scala developers easily traverse, transform, and access deeply nested data structures.

  • Archie Tilbrook

    Archie Tilbrook

    Head of Talent

    I’m a passionate talent hunter with experience in global end to end recruitment specifically in Scala & Rust helping engineers & companies know their market inside out to maximise potential 🚀

    I fell in love with Scala & Rust even though I can’t write code 😊

    Advocate for community growth, tech events & open source. Let’s increase opportunities for junior developers and more sponsored relocation options for Asia & Africa 🌍

  • Ollie Morado

    Ollie Morado

    Talent Manager

    Interested in all things Scala & Rust and have dedicated time to research different areas of the tech ecosystems.

    Assisting companies within the Scala & Rust space build technology-driven teams to face a variety of challenges - a majority of these companies are active community leaders, from open-source contributions to hosting tech meetups.

    Believer in taking time to establish a firm understanding of internal roadmaps and the technical anticipations for the teams I personally collaborate with - ensuring I'm connecting exceptional talent to the right mission.

  • Marcin Krykowski

    Marcin Krykowski


    Seasoned software engineer interested in distributed systems, functional programming, data-driven systems and ML.

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